Remodeling the Barn

Structures that have been left idle for years often degrade quite a bit, so remodeling the barn could be as much work as upgrading the farmhouse. The roof might have its own collection of constellations due to gaps, and the rafters could have seen better days. The entire structure might sway a bit if the wind picks up, and the flooring could be a challenge to cross for those willing to take a chance. While it might be best to knock the whole thing down, starting from scratch could be beyond even the most generous budget.

Assessing the damage is the first step, and making enough repairs to keep it from falling down should follow as soon as possible. For those who want to have a working farm or ranch, remodeling the barn might be more important than upgrading the house. They will need to ensure the structure can hold any animals and equipment needed, so repairing the floor and roof should be a priority.

Barns are often very tall, and it can be difficult to repair the upper parts. The roof might need new shingles, or it could be repaired with tin sheeting. Tall ladders will be a necessity, so those doing the work should have at least a basic knowledge of safety as they climb and work. If the roof is in good repair, chances are the rafters will not need much work. Those that do might be salvaged by adding boards to the side for a quick fix.

Flooring in barns is often damaged over the years, and there is a danger of falling through. Replacing the entire floor might not be necessary, so only ripping up the unsafe areas could present a huge savings. Interior areas such as stalls or storage rooms might not need immediate repairs, but they can be fixed as time and money allow.