Mending Fences

Older properties often have their own fences, but they might have fallen into disrepair over the years. Some of them will need nothing more than a new coat of paint, but others might need complex stonework to make them whole again. Assessing the damage could take quite a bit of time if the entire property is surrounded by fences, so getting the job done might take a few years. Unless there is an immediate need, working on the fences slowly could be a good way to get the job done over time.

Wooden fences often enclose smaller areas, and they might no longer be needed if the new owners are not going to raise livestock or run a working farm. For those who have bought a property surrounded by stone fences, repairing them can be very expensive. It might be best to repair the worst breaks first, and then the rest of the fences can be fixed over a span of years.